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Late/Absence Procedures

Attendance Matters

Bollin Primary School recognises that there will be occasional times when children will be too ill to attend school; however, children do build up resilience and resistance to illness and should be able to attend school the majority of the time. 

An attendance rate of 90% or over sounds impressive over the year; however, it actually means that your child only attends school 4.5 days out of every 5 days.  If this continues up to Year 11 in secondary school, your child will have missed more than half a school year!  


The government and Ofsted recognise the importance of good attendance and views outstanding attendance to be 98% or over; as a school community we are committed to working in partnership with you to ensure outstanding attendance for all. 


Look at the attendance table, if you are unsure as to whether or not your child should attend school.


Attendance Table


Self Help – encourage your

child to:

Can my child attend school?


-Put their hand over their

mouth when they cough and sneeze.

-Wash their hands regularly.

-Dispose of any used tissues hygienically.

-Make sure they eat a healthy diet.

-Allow them to take medication to help clear their nose or soothe their throat.

Yes.  They can attend school providing

they do not have a high temperature or any other symptoms i.e. severe muscle

cramps, high temperature, rash.

Let the class team know that they are not feeling very well.


-drink cool drinks to soothe

their throat.

-Allow them to take medication to help soothe their cough.

Yes.   They can attend school, but make

sure you tell your doctor if the cough is persistent (does not clear up after 6 weeks).


Migraine and


-Your child may be sensitive to

certain foods – talk to your doctor.

-Watch out for the amount of time they might be straining their eyes i.e. too much television or computer work.

-Take them for an eye sight test if they have not had one for some time.

-Get some appropriate medication from the chemist.

Yes.  They can attend school, but do let

the staff team know.

Stomach Ache

-Encourage them not to miss their meals and eat regularly.

-Encourage them  not to eat too much of anything, especially things like sweets.

-Help your child do things that

will relax them as stomach aches can be caused by stress.

Yes.  If you know what is causing their tummy ache and they have no other symptoms and have seen a doctor or nurse. ALWAYS watch out for a pain in the stomach that hurts in one specific



Let the class team know.


Absence from School – Procedures


 If your child is absent, please proceed as follows:

·   Please telephone the school on the first day of absence and send a note in with your child or an explanation in the Home School Book when he/she returns to school, explaining the reason(s) why they were absent;

·   If your child is likely to be absent for one week or more, please keep us informed by telephoning the school.  Then send a doctors note to explain the absence.

 ·   Appointments should only be made outside of school hours or during school holidays where possible.  However, if this is not possible, please do inform the school prior to the appointment.

·   We operate a zero tolerance towards holidays taken during term time, especially since the calendar has been specifically adjusted according to

parents’ wishes and holiday patterns. Exceptions are as follows:


a. Serious health issue or death of a close family relative at the discretion of the Headteacher

b. Religious reasons (up to 3 days);

c.  Sudden loss of housing through eviction or domestic violence up to a maximum of 3 days;

d. Out of school programs at a high level - music exams for example.  This is at the discretion of the Headteacher;


Unauthorised Absence

NB: If your child is away from school and we receive no communication as to why, then this will initiate a process in the school and may lead to legal action being taken.



Lateness is monitored and recorded by the school as a legal requirement. Parents/carers who are regularly late are likely to be contacted by the Inclusion Leader and, in extreme cases, by the Headteacher. As with low attendance, lateness is also detrimental to a child’s education because they will miss the start of the opening session to the day.


We all want the pupils to do well at school and very much value working in partnership  with  you  all;  therefore,  we  must  insist  on  good  attendance  and punctuality at all times.  If you are experiencing any difficulties which may impact on your child’s ability to get to school on time, or attend school, please do inform us earlier rather than later as we may be able to support you further.