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Welcome to School Council # You said, we did


We are very proud of our school council and the vital part that they play in pupil voice. Miss Johnson leads school Council.



Head Girl-Martha Ryley


I am extremely proud to have been awarded Head Girl, my job to make the school a better place which will be completed by the end of this year. When I got it I felt like screaming, I did it in my head instead. I am the first to have got it in my family so that is a joy and I am really pleased with myself. I am looking forward to start working with Mrs. Brindle, she is a great headmistress and is very happy every time I see her, whatever I get give I will do as soon as I am told. I will not fail on my task. I am also looking forward to speaking in front of the school I am not scared to do that. My head is full of great ideas to improve the school and I am not afraid to speak my mind.


Head Boy - Jack Bandell


I am truly overjoyed to have been voted for Head Boy, it is a true honour to have been given that role. I didn’t expect to be head boy when I tried for it; I definitely thought it would be someone else. I am looking forward to helping Mrs Brindle with ideas to help our school


Deputy Head Girl -Nirja Rege


I am pleased to be Deputy Head Girl. I am really creative and will bring great ideas to make the school a better place to learn but I will respect other people’s ideas too. I am very systematic and will keep the school very organised and clean. I am very thoughtful and I will help everyone. I am proud to be


Deputy Head Boy-Daniel Gillham


I’m proud of getting Deputy Head Boy because it was one of my achieving goals. Also I worked really hard to get the job. I look forward to making the school a better place to be by inspiring the little ones and making our facilities better. 

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